What Do Chris Brogan, Pam Slim & Gary Vaynerchuk All Have in Common?

Brogan, Slim and Vaynerchuk do a stellar job utilizing social media to generate leads, grow their brands and serve an engaged online audience. In addition, they will also speak at InfusionCon 2012 in April. They also adopt a few common tactics to generate leads and business value from social media – and you should be doing it, too!

1. Provide meaningful content to their audience on a regular basis.

These three marketing thought leaders hustle around the clock creating content. Whether if it’s from an airplane, a coffee shop, a conference or at peace in their home-office. They find their groove and they stay in touch with their audience. The virtual umbilical cord to their fans is filled with great ideas, personality and humanity.

Gary Vaynerchuk shooting a video from 30,000 feet in the air
Chris Brogan dropping helpful tips exclusively on Google Plus
Pam Slim sharing small business advice others aren’t talking about on her blog.

2. They capture leads on their website, 24/7.

If these speakers had to manually enter every single business card into their database, they would need to have a full-time person just to do that. They chose an alternative – collecting leads from their website, growing their loyal audience. When people opt-in, they are giving permission to hear from them, including blog posts, learning more about their businesses, booking speaking engagements and more.


garyvee email leadgen What Do Chris Brogan, Pam Slim & Gary Vaynerchuk All Have in Common?

Gary Vaynerchuk asks his audience to be Vee-I-P's with email addresses.

pamslim email leadgen What Do Chris Brogan, Pam Slim & Gary Vaynerchuk All Have in Common?

Pam Slim Uses Infusionsoft to Collect Leads from her Website

chrisbrogan email leadgen What Do Chris Brogan, Pam Slim & Gary Vaynerchuk All Have in Common?

Chris Brogan makes the ask right on his homepage.

3. They go where the people (and new opportunities) are.

Today, online users don’t stick to only one medium for news and information. They are found on many different social networks and digest information differently – on their terms. Brogan, Slim and Vaynerchuk do a great job of being accessible, sharing killer content and being personable across many social networks at the same time. One thing is clear – while they publish and interact on many social networks, they build value in securing their own email list.

Examples: YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

These tactics to generate business value from social media are no secret. You don’t need to be an expert to truly implement them and do great. It boils down to this: provide quality content, a relevant offer and great timing. To make all that really function smoothly and give you the ability to scale, it’s ideal to have an all-in-one sales and marketing system that collects all the leads, warms them up, keeps them happy and so you can generate revenue. When that system in place firing on all eight cylinders, they can dedicate time to interact with their contacts on a personalized, focus basis without breaking a sweat.

Want to meet them in person? Attend InfusionCon during April 2-4! They’d love to hear how you’re crushing it and growing your business. Register now to lock in a great deal!

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