Why Sharing Images on Twitter is More Important than Ever

At the end of last October, Twitter announced that they were going to start showing images and videos in their organic news feed. This change impacted both desktop and mobile news feeds, but it took a little while to see how it would impact and influence individuals’ behavior on Twitter. Here are a couple of initial take-aways that I noticed.

  1. Using Twitter’s image generator is suddenly much more important. (only images that are shared directly through Twitter are going to be highlighted in the news feed.)
  2. Big social share tools need to play some serious catch up. (Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, etc…)
  3. Using images to capture attention on Twitter just got much easier.

One of the reasons this is a huge advantage for small businesses is because it provides you with a way to showcase your business in a more personal and up front way by using images that show up in the newsfeed with our someone having the click on them Here are 3 of examples of how small business can use Twitter images in their sharing.

1.) Here DYN uses the image to highlight their unique culture. The image is compelling and its uniqueness captures attention. It would also compel someone to click on the image because you can tell there is more to the picture than what you are seeing.

twitter marketing for small businesses.

2.) Here financial mobile app Betterment uses images in the twitter feed to add credibility to a response they gave on twitter. It also makes it easier for people to get the answer they want with our digging deeper.

 Betterment uses twitter marketing.

3.) Gangplank, a collaborative space in Chandler, Arizona, used images in the Twitter feed to showcase an event at their facility. Images like this breath live into an organization because it is so raw and in the moment.

Twitter marketing at gangplank.

Using Twitter’s image publisher to post your images is  currently the only  way to make sure your images show up in the twitter news feed, this is a huge way to differentiate yourself from others on Twitter.

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