Save Time and Outsource Small Business Tasks [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It takes under a minute to plan a day, but at times it seems like five people couldn’t address all tasks that need to be completed. How can one generate more business, spend quality time with family, and get to the gym a few times a week when there is so much to be done? [...]

How to Find the Right Virtual Assistant – Part 2

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By Jennifer Goforth Gregory Part two in a series on the benefits of a virtual assistant. Once you have decided that a virtual assistant will increase your productivity and revenue, the next step is to find the right assistant for your needs. Since you will most likely be hiring someone without ever meeting them face [...]

Can a Virtual Assistant Increase Your Revenue and Productivity? – Part 1

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By Jennifer Goforth Gregory Many business owners find their to-do list overloaded, but may not have enough capital or even enough work for a full-time employee. One solution that many owners are increasingly turning to is the virtual assistant. According to the International Association of Virtual Assistants, “Virtual assistants are independent contractors who (from a [...]