The Pros and Cons of Public and Private Clouds

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Guest post by Correy Weimer If you are looking at introducing cloud computing to your small business, it can be difficult to decide whether you need public or private cloud services. The best option is to think about the individual needs of your business and then weigh up the pros and cons of each service. […]

Simplify Your Small Business with Scan and Capture

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Guest Post by Robert McCoy Every profession requires some degree of paperwork, but for those who work in an office, the sheer amount can sometimes be overwhelming. Thankfully technology has provided a solution through scan and capture services which can convert large amounts of paper files into digital format. Moving towards a paperless office will […]

Give your Small Business the Illusion of Size and Depth

SMall business size matters.

Guest post by Lucy Harper   Running a small business can be very rewarding, both personally and financially. But one aspect of being a business owner that can intimidate is the “small” in small business. The marketplace is busy and while your unique selling proposition (USP) makes you stand out, how do you clarify that […]

Using Business VoIP to Make Small Businesses Look Bigger

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Guest post by Debbie Jo Severin   Every entrepreneur—from Hewlett & Packard, to Jobs & Wozniak and Mary Kay—has faced the same dilemma: Everybody starts small, but nobody wants to look small.  It’s one thing to be just two guys in a garage, creating something awesome—but nobody wants to advertise the fact that, at present, […]

The Big Ideas Show is Here!

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As you know, the Big Ideas team is always looking for new, creative marketing ideas to provide you valuable content in different ways. With so much entrepreneurial knowledge out there, we want to make sure we bring you the most relevant and useful content to help you grow your business each day. The Big Ideas […]

4 Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses

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Guest post by Daniel Page Not every business can afford to pay for a decent SEO tool or service. Often, when they can’t afford qualified and experienced SEO experts, single employee and small businesses turn to cheap SEO companies in the hope that they can get an advantage over their competitors without much capital outlay. […]

Country Music and Other Must-Have Tools for a Successful Workday

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Guest post by Megan Totka Professionals often wonder how to save time and money running their business.  They want to trim expenses, and rightfully so.  Business owners also often ask what the must-have tools for small business productivity are on a daily basis. What exactly does a successful workday consist of? We have compiled a […]