3 Small Business Tips to Own Your Summer

small business tips

Between the months of June and August, it happens daily. You take a break from your business, hop on social media and suddenly you’re wrapped in a fantasy world created by photos of beaches, airplanes, mountaintops and surfing (thanks GoPro). Instead of finishing an order or responding to that overdue email, you get lost in […]

How to Close a Sale When Competing with Big Brands

big and little

The war between small business and corporate giants is a familiar tale. Farmers Market vs. Walmart Local Boutique vs. The Gap Small Town Florist vs. 1-800-Flowers Every day there are small battles fought inside the mind of consumers. Will they buy something cheap or invest in something reliable? Will they shop local or ship from […]

Gen X vs Gen Y Employee Motivation and Productivity

Increase employee motivation.

Guest post by Carrie Wynne According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s research, published in the Harvard Business Review, Google does a pretty fantastic job in showing through their workplace design and through the work teams they assemble as well as the value they place on flexibility and how they value an eco-friendly, healing-the-planet environment. They tap […]

Failing Forward: Turning Past Mistakes into Future Successes

Failing forward is a good way to learn.

By Jared Bodnar Most small business owners will be the first to admit that they aren’t perfect and have made plenty of mistakes in their time. They will also acknowledge that they’ve felt the pain of failure during their experience in running a small business. However, many small business owners I’ve spoken with look at […]

7 Ways to Boost Small Business Morale

Raise small business morale.

While all business owners want their business to be run well and respected, Gallup tells us only 13 percent of employees actually like going to work and want to help their organization improve.  It is essential to boost employee morale – a positive atmosphere and outlook plays an important role in the success of a […]

Apple Maps Optimization for Small Business

Apple maps optimization tips.

While many small business owners scrutinize their Google+ Local profile, Apple Maps gets little, if any, attention. Don’t get me wrong; Google+ Local deserves the devotion since Google Maps is the second most popular app in the world, but let’s not throw Apple Maps out with the dirty dishwater. Since the release of iOS7 back […]

Brick & Mortar Businesses: First Impressions with Signage

You sign is one of your first impressions.

Guest post by Shabbir Moosabhoy If you have ever read basic materials on psychology, you are no doubt aware that people tend to make up their minds about someone or something within the first 30 seconds of the initial meeting. Since your brick and mortar business signage is usually the first thing that people see, […]