Instagram: 5 Solid Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Small Business

Small business benefits come from visually appealing Instagram images.

Guest post by Megan Totka Millions and millions of active Instagram users post forty million photographs every single day.  Take a moment to ponder that number.  Instagram is a great form of technology for small business that’s literally at your fingertips.  I’m sure you agree that it’s crucial to learn how to use Instagram to [...]

The Skinny On Instagram Video And The Vine

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Here at Big Ideas, we love to talk about the next big creative marketing idea to help your small business succeed. And by now, you’ve likely heard about the new feature available on Instagram as of June 20th. The commonly used photo app recently launched the capability to do short, 15-second videos that include the [...]

Feed Readers, Instagram & Hiring Great Employees [SBB]

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Our Small Business Buzz video series continues as we share what’s happening on the Big Ideas Blog each week. We have creative marketing ideas that can help you succeed! This week’s Friday recap features: Three awesome feed readers that you’ll love- Feed reading is crucial for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are always on [...]

Instagram: The New Way to Market Your Small Business

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Guest post by Megan Totka   A playful and visually stunning app, Instagram also offers its users a powerful marketing tool for your small business. The developers of Instagram set out to create a quirky and fun way to share images and they’ve made it easy to take photos, apply cool filters and share your [...]

Heather Dopson’s Insights on Pinterest & Instagram

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“The BIG Idea of the Week” video series continues. We’re chatting with entrepreneurs and personalities whose areas of expertise can help small businesses succeed. From helping you generate leads, to growing your online presence and becoming the go-to person in your industry, these experts will share their insights in our video interviews. The Skinny on Pinterest [...]

Creative Ways to Attract New Dental Patients Using Social Media

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By Jennifer Gregory With the new year looming, many resolutions arise related to health. “I’m going to go to the gym every day!”  I’m going to eat better.”  “I’m finally going to go to ___ appointment that I’ve been putting off for months.”  Why not take advantage of those promises by promoting your dental or [...]