How to Make Customers Happy Using Social Media

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As a small business owner, you don’t need a huge budget or dedicated staff to make your customers happy using social media. To really be effective and avoid feeling overwhelmed, consider implementing a process that consistently demonstrates care and commitment to your customers. Below you’ll find out how to make customers happy using a few […]

4 Small Changes That Will Humanize Your Business

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Humans like dealing with humans. It could be an unnatural fear brought on by generations raised on Terminator movies. Or it could be that with so much technology wedging itself between people these days, most yearn for personal connection. There are over 100 billion emails sent every day. (Source: Mashable) Last year, US adults spent […]

Why and How to Create Powerful Infographics


As a small business owner, you are probably on the lookout for sources of content ideas for your business blog and ways to make your content marketing strategy more powerful. Many small business owners understand the importance of fine-tuning a content marketing strategy – today’s marketers spend 28 percent of their time on content marketing […]

The Value of Social Engagement


Twitter is a powerful social media tool that helps you engage with potential customers, drive traffic, and generate revenue for your business. In this session, Anne Mercogliano, Twitter’s Head of SMB Marketing, will share the most current research and insights on how social media can impact your business. She’ll outline tactical steps to grow your customer […]

The Secret Rhythm of Social Media

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When Jon Acuff isn’t writing books, he’s using social media (and Infusionsoft!) to grow an online platform of millions of readers. He’ll be presenting on how to stay on top of trends and make the most of emerging technology without getting overwhelmed. He’ll help you determine the key principles that matter for your industry in social media, so you can identify which platform […]

Content Marketing: Why Social and Search Are Essential for Success


Have you noticed that there’s a lot of information out there on the topics of social media, content marketing, and SEO, but no one is really clearly articulating how these three major components of your online marketing strategy work together? Today, let’s put an end to the madness. This post will explain exactly why your […]

Strategies from Social Media Best in Class Winner, Lee Richter

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Our Social Media Best in Class Winner, Lee Richter of Holistic Veterinary Care, took the time to answer a few questions for us leading up to #ICON14. Below he details his strategies for small business success. Industry:         Veterinary Care Location:        Oakland, CA Employees:     33 Website: Describe your business in […]