Bringing The “Wow” Factor From The Start

By June Brockmeyer

In this last part of our series on small business sales tips we discuss how to avoid a leaky sales funnel.  We’re focusing on creating a good experience or that “Wow” factor to get more sales.

In the first 3 parts we talked about some of the things that play a big role in a successful sales funnel: attracting/ capturing leads, building trust with those prospects by nurturing them and creating follow up campaigns, considering that there are no bad leads but that some may require more time and a lighter touch.

So once we define who our audience is, we can build on what we have and provide things that will engage those prospects and leave them wanting more.

That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

We’ve all been to a place or had a certain customer experience that has exceeded our expectations. When this is the case we often go back for more and tell our closest friends about how much we love that product, service or staff. Giving your leads that warm and fuzzy feeling, may not be as hard as you think.

  • New customers are somewhat open-minded and give you the opportunity to “wow” them to a certain extent.
  • Make sure you recognize what their needs are. In the first stages of your sales process you can really get to know your prospects if you make sure you ask about their needs.
  • First impressions play a big part of how your leads can become prospects and move along the pipeline so the goal of delighting them every step of the way can help you ease their worries and feel like you truly value their business.

If their experience is close to a “Wow” level, those referrals will start pouring in.

Starting your own business can be scary and overwhelming, but if you follow steps like these ones and keep a flexible and positive attitude, you can make things a little easier on yourself and benefit from avoiding any leaks in your sales funnel.


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About the Author

June Brockmeyer joined the Infusionsoft family in 2012 as a Brand Journalist and is now the Multimedia Content Strategist. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and has experience as a bilingual journalist and TV Weather Forecaster having worked in the TV news industry, radio and online media. She loves dogs, singing and enjoys a good spicy dish. Follow her on Twitter as @JBrocky1.

  • Curtman40

    The key to WOWing leads is to provide value for your product or service, putting them first is of the utmost priority, even in some cases breaking the rules inorder to impress. You want first time visitors to walk with a homely feeling that this is a safe, secure, and trusted environment. New visitors  are more open when they believe that the person will take care of there needs thus referring more people.