The Importance of Having a Great Landing Page

When talking about effective small business lead generation, it’s important to mention the importance of landing pages. Next on our “What’s Your Story?” video series we talk to Tim Ash, CEO of Site Tuners, they specialize on improving the efficiency of landing pages and websites so businesses can be successful.

Landing page is kind of a broad definition. It’s not necessarily just kind of dedicated pages for a campaign, it’s any important page where you land traffic. It could be the home page of your website and basically everything has to pass through them. You want that lead, you wanna automate all that marketing, you have to get the email address so unless you can get me to act on that page nothing else is gonna happen,” says Ash.

Ash says he loves having the freedom of working with those customers who truly benefit from his services and explain the importance of landing pages and bettering the overall online experience for customers.

“The best part of being an entrepreneur for me, I run an agency, is that we get to pick our clients. We don’t work with everyone, so I enjoy everyone that I work with genuinely,” says Ash.

Infusionsoft helps Site Tuners tag and segment customers and prospects depending on interest and qualifications, and can also automate processes to help their business continue to grow.

“You can see the kinds of things they’re downloading and personalize the rest of the experience for them but also, you think of it as a 2 step process; you have to open up the top of the funnel and get their email and get their information and then open up the bottom of the funnel by doing the marketing automation. But you can’t just fight with one hand behind your back, you can’t just do marketing automation. So you have to also have a good website experience,” says Ash.

To Ash, success means: “Not being in business. Spending more time with my family and with my close friends,” says Ash.

How important is having a great landing page for you and your business?

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  • hse

    It’s important to remember that the quality of your landing page is a key component in providing a positive user-experience.

  • Curtman40

    It is just like the commercial you never get a second chance to make a first impression, the landing page should be engaging and actionable it should communicate to any visitor the exact intent of your product or service.