New Ways to Use Your Phone Service to Make Your Business Look Bigger

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If you’re a hardworking, Big Idea sBlog small business growthtalented businessperson and are a little bit lucky, you’ll build on each of your successes, grow naturally, and become increasingly competitive every year. And as your business gets bigger, more opportunities will start coming your way. It’s called a “virtuous cycle,” and if you get on it and stay on it, you can ride it all the way to the big leagues. Read on to learn how easily small business growth can happen.

Starting a Virtuous Cycle

But wouldn’t it be great if you could kick-start that cycle and accelerate it somehow? Here are some ways that VoIP-based business phone service can help your small business overcome common problems —and look bigger and more professional, right from the start.

Yes, You Can Contain Labor Costs and Still Look Professional—With Hosted VoIP

Receptionists can give the impression that your company has arrived, and add a whole new layer of professionalism. But the cost of an extra employee can be hard to absorb for a fledgling business, where every new hire is vital.

Auto Attendant Frees People for Growth, Customer Service

VoIP features (such as auto attendants, which ask callers to press a number corresponding to what they need) provide a familiar, professional way to answer phone calls.  The professionally recorded greetings can be programmed to route calls to the employee best suited to handle each request – wherever they are and whatever device they’re using—helping to project a high end impression.

“I love the ability to set our phones to auto attendant for our business hours and our holidays. Business VoIP has literally changed our office from needing five people to answer the phone to two,” says Debbie Page, office manager of Louis E. Page Inc.

“Now those other people have much more time to complete their jobs, and it has freed us up to market the company in new ways,” she says.

Adding Traditional New Phone Lines When Business Grows Can Take Forever

Separate phone lines for different departments can make your company look bigger right from the moment someone views your business card or website. Sadly, the cost of installing and maintaining hardwired telephony is prohibitively expensive, and often requires weeks of waiting. Moving can take weeks, either to install a PBX or get new incoming lines.

Expandable, Affordable Business VoIP Service Quickly Unites Everyone Under One Phone System

Business VoIP is flexible and expands easily.  As your business grows, you can add lines and employees to your system seamlessly, or get new or relocated offices, without the need to spend money on extra labor and wiring.  And, with features like ring-through, people feel connected to their coworkers, despite distance and different office locations.

“The very fact that an incoming call can ring simultaneously in all of our offices is a big plus to our business,” says Albert Martinez of Medi MD.

“With the new phones, we found ourselves acting like a single entity again, and the bottom line shows the value of our choice in going with hosted VoIP,” says Martinez.

What about you? Are you involved with a small business that’s projecting a larger image? Do you use business VoIP to provide a more seamless and professional experience for your customers? Share your story below.

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Debbie Jo Severin , Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Marketing, is responsible for 8×8’s marketing strategies and operations, driving awareness and adoption of the company’s business Internet protocol (IP) communications solutions through customer acquisition and retention initiatives including brand management, demand generation, direct and online marketing, advertising, promotions, marketing communications and public relations.