Content Experiences Along the Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's journey

Consumers will only pay attention to you when they’re motivated to do so. Interaction and education along the buyer’s journey is the best way to gain their attention and keep it. Obviously, you need to understand your target consumers before you can offer something valuable or helpful to them, but, once you’ve gained their permission […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Most Valuable Content

Protect content marketing assets.

Guest post by Rachel Rodgers Rachel Rodgers- Protect Your IP By now, we’ve all heard about the magic that is content marketing. I, personally, have seen businesses go from humble beginnings to massive empires on the back of creating content. Content marketing is how you build not only a business but also a raging (and […]

20 Free Content Marketing Tools for Small Business Success

top 20 free content marketing tools for small business success

By now Infusionsoft’s Content Marketing Month is in full swing. At this point you’ve read the Definitive Content Marketing Q & A and devoured the e-book and content marketing strategy workbook, but if you haven’t, click the links already – we’ll wait. Now let’s take a deep dive into 20 of the best free content marketing tools […]

5 Easy Ways to End Your Summer With a Splash


By June Brockmeyer and Jeanette LeBlanc As a small business owner, you’ve been doing everything you can to own your summer but with the end fast approaching, you need to think of new ideas and things you can do to move on to the next season having made a positive impact. If you haven’t felt […]

Be Helpful and Earn Customer Loyalty

Wow your customers.

In a world where a business’ dirty (and clean) laundry is no more than two clicks away, it’s important not simply to try and make customers, but to try and make customers for life. How can you do this? Simple: earn customer loyalty by being helpful.

Enhance the Customer Experience with Cross-selling

Cross-selling example

According to the 2014 Infusionsoft Attitudinal Segmentation Research Report, most small businesses are looking for help in attracting customers, getting referrals and implementing social media marketing. Unfortunately, small businesses miss the opportunities that lie in their existing customer base when all of their marketing resources and efforts are focused on gaining new customers. They leave […]

The Five Best-Kept Secrets for Closing a Sale


As a small business owner, you know that closing a sale is crucial to your growth and success, and many other small business owners wonder if there is something specific they can do to raise their close rate.  We spoke with the experts to get their proven methods so that you can implement their tactics […]