Why Small Businesses Don’t Have to Chase the Viral Dream

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The viral dream is real. In an age where Justin Bieber can become a household name by means of a guitar and a YouTube account, and perceived fame and fortune are a mere click away, the possibilities are seemingly endless for those with stars in their eyes. The fault in such stars, however, is the […]

Boost Leads and Sales With Whiteboard Videos

Boost sales and get leads.

If you have you ever been to Disney World or any other amusement park, you’ve no doubt seen people lined up to have artists sketch funny portraits. And right behind them is the crowd of fellow park-goers who stay and watch the caricatures unfold right before their eyes for 10, 20, even 30 minutes. How […]

Target a Niche by Following the Chicken Whisperer

Tagret a niche.

If you’re serious about your marketing efforts and want to target a niche audience, you need to be extremely careful and deliberate with how you go about doing it. Follow our tips below to learn from some seasoned veterans and the Chicken Whisperer. Meet their needs Ever been the victim of an improperly targeted advertisement? […]

Solve Your Content Marketing Puzzle [Infographic]

Content Marketing Strategy Infographic by Infusionsoft

So, you want to create a content marketing campaign but don’t know where to start? Content Marketing is everywhere. The marketing landscape has changed in the past few years, and while paid traditional advertising and marketing is far from dead, it is clear that right now, content is king. At the top of the food […]

Content Experiences Along the Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's journey

Consumers will only pay attention to you when they’re motivated to do so. Interaction and education along the buyer’s journey is the best way to gain their attention and keep it. Obviously, you need to understand your target consumers before you can offer something valuable or helpful to them, but, once you’ve gained their permission […]

Shoot Great Marketing Videos with your iPhone

Shooting great marketing videos with your iPhone.

BambooHR, (a Utah-based company that makes HR software) recently shared some valuable data about the impact of video: they’ve found that emails containing “video” in the subject line outperformed all other subject-line keywords. Plus, the emails containing video generate outsized clickthrough rates. Brenton comments: “I’ve seen video links outperform links to our most popular content […]