15 Must-Read Small Business Resources from June


Summer has officially arrived and with the heat often comes small business fluctuations. For some, business is booming beyond their control, but for others, the action has slowed to a crawl. Regardless of what happens to your business in the summer, now is the best time to leverage top resources to either boost your operations […]

How to Promote Your Blog:
9 Missed Opportunities

Promote Blog Email Signature

You just started a new blog for your small business. You’ve established a rhythm of posting and you feel good about your blog as a resource for your current and prospective customers, but now you’re wondering how to promote your blog to get more traffic and exposure for your brand. Before you start to promote […]

How to Close a Sale When Competing with Big Brands

big and little

The war between small business and corporate giants is a familiar tale. Farmers Market vs. Walmart Local Boutique vs. The Gap Small Town Florist vs. 1-800-Flowers Every day there are small battles fought inside the mind of consumers. Will they buy something cheap or invest in something reliable? Will they shop local or ship from […]

4 Small Changes That Will Humanize Your Business

robotic heart

Humans like dealing with humans. It could be an unnatural fear brought on by generations raised on Terminator movies. Or it could be that with so much technology wedging itself between people these days, most yearn for personal connection. There are over 100 billion emails sent every day. (Source: Mashable) Last year, US adults spent […]

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Like You More


Most people encounter good customer service on a daily basis. In many cases, it does very little to rouse attention. A smile from a gas station clerk or a door opened by a restaurant host is more or less expected and unfortunately kind of forgettable. According to American Express, 59% of people have stopped doing […]

8 Ways to Subtly Increase Revenue for the Anti-Salesperson

anti salesperson

Salesmanship can be a polarizing topic, even amongst business owners — either you love it or you hate it. For the natural born salesperson, there’s something different in their eye; they are bold and boundless, angled and always ready to pitch. The anti-salesman, on the other hand, steers conversation away from products and services and […]

Start a Small Business Blog in 7 Days or Less

small business blogging

There is a plethora of “Start a Blog in 10 Minutes” tutorials out there and while they might be accurate in their instruction, they can be horribly misleading in their implication. While everyone loves quick and easy, just setting up the platform for a blog hardly launches you on a path to blogging success. As […]