4 Small Biz Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

By Kylie Jane Wakefield

Holidays are fantastic for businesses. Potentially, they can lead to an increase in sales and help boost a business’s image even after they’re over. With Valentine’s Day coming up- and rather quickly!- it makes sense for small businesses to take advantage and tap into the holiday, cash spending opportunity with a variety of marketing techniques.

According to SEOptimise, Valentine’s Day is right behind Christmas in terms of big spending. Retailers and certain small businesses have the chance to rake in huge profits leading up to and during this holiday.

A Business Insider article from 2011 claims that over half of the population in America celebrates the holiday, and it was found that 60% of all Valentine’s Day spending happens in the five days before and on the holiday itself, according to TIME. Last year, the average amount a person spent on the holiday was $126.03. A range of $25 to $50 was spent on gifts, but many people also spent money on restaurants and other romantic outings. The total amount expected to be spent on Valentine’s Day was $17.6 billion.

The bottom line is: Don’t miss out. If you can, take the opportunity to market your business and get customers spending in 2013. Here are some ways in which your company should already be appealing to shoppers during the Valentine’s Day season.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Deals

Customers are always looking for a good deal. They are more technologically savvy than ever, subscribing to brands on social media sites, purchasing deals on sites like Yelp and Groupon, and researching for the best price on discount websites. Since 20% of Valentine’s Day gifts were bought online last year, your small business should be meeting them in the middle.

You can announce sales on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media account. Offer discounts to fans or to people willing to post a company-themed hashtag. That way, both you and your customers are benefiting from this small action. Remember also that a whopping  97% of text messages are opened, so be sure to offer your customers deals and coupons through that channel as well.

Player2 4 Small Biz Marketing Tips for Valentines Day2. Write Holiday-Themed Blogs and Newsletters

According to Search Engine Watch, in 2012, the top search keywords around Valentine’s Day included “valentines day meals,” “diy valentines gifts,” “valentines day drinks,” and “valentines day baskets.” Blogs and newsletters need to hone in on these trends occurring in the U.S. Think about it: DIY is trending because of the economy. “Meals” is a popular keyword because people might want to cook at home. Look at popular news items, YouTube videos and memes. A “Gangnam Style” parody for the holiday—why not? How about a funny cat photo that includes your brand logo? The possibilities are endless.

The blogs posted need to make specific references to Valentine’s Day. In the Search Engine Watch article, Microsoft suggests including calls to action, promotional information and words that inspire confidence in site visitors. Some themes that customers will be interested in are gift ideas (with links to your online store), holiday-themed stories and ways in which they can celebrate. Remember: Any content that is fun, useful, entertaining and informative will have a better chance of resonating with consumers.

3. Hold an In-Store Event

Although many consumers are shopping online these days, foot traffic is still going to be prevalent. A small business could hold an in-store event and include a catered party of festive treats (think cookies, candy hearts, champagne, chocolate). An upbeat evening with a live local band would be entertaining as well. “Throw in festive gift wrapping and a holiday incentive, such as 10% off or a free gift with purchase, and you are on your way to a successful ‘mini’ event!” says Nicole Reyhle of Retail Minded. Make sure to incorporate kids’ activities to attract parents into your store and send out reminders the day before the event.

mr hairy 4 Small Biz Marketing Tips for Valentines Day4. Run a Contest

The best place to run any sort of holiday contest is on social media. Try running a sweepstakes, where in exchange for a “like” on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, a customer will receive a shopping spree at your business. Creative contests that require consumers to make videos or take photos are also useful. While they’re entering for a chance at winning a prize, your company is also receiving content to post. Make sure to know the rules of contests before running them, however, to protect your business and your consumers.


These guidelines for this romantic and profitable holiday will be relevant for years to come. Social media is only growing, and holidays are always going to be a time when Americans are in the mood to shop. Make sure you have a plan of action this Valentine’s Day and the next.

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    Social media has done a great help in sharing statuses and interesting facts, communicating with friends, and more importantly in promoting products and services. This article you have here, as well, is an example of how good you are in promotion and marketing. Thanks for the great post pal!

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      We are thrilled that you enjoyed this post and that you enjoy reading the information we post on Big Ideas Blog. Cheers!

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  • http://alicanto.com Alicanto Marketing Team

    This is a great article. We preach to our customers all the time that Valentine’s day isn’t just for restaurants and florists.  It’s a great opportunity to market your business and get a piece of the $17Billion spent by consumers on Valentines’s Day.  This holiday is great for improving your relationship with all types of connections.  Offer a promotion, do a discount or simply get the word out and remind people not to forget the holiday.  We’ve all experienced the – I waited until to late and now scrambling situation.  If nothing else, offer a reminder not to forget.  
    Content is a great way to go. Any business can use this holiday to say how much they appreciate their customers. You just need to be creative in your copy and imagery. Think about different approaches… sincere, humor, etc. Or simply state “We love you too!”.  You would be surprised how well those types of communications are received and also how much it differentiates you from your competition.  Small businesses or local business who might not have a blog can use our templates to generate beautiful emails that look like Valentines Day cards and allow for a personalized message, offer, promotion, discount, etc  http://alicanto.com

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    Business can be of any kind. The marketing ideas are never end to get the aim. A perfect marketing or advertising idea helps attracting more customers or clients and make more profit. On-hold messaging is also like a marketing process that helps creating interest to the customers for your business and provide much profit.

  • Kevin

    At Victoria Bakery and Café we were curious to learn what love is to our local community. In the spirit of Valentine’s day we put our arts-and-crafts hats on, picked up paint, brushes, ideas, other hearts’ day necessities, and got to work.

    Three hours later we ended up with a red, chalkboard-painted window and a crafty sign prompting customers to write what love is. The entire masterpiece of course was decorated with hearts, covered with love, and sprinkled with appreciation for our customers.
    Right after we settled in at the table, sipped hot cappuccino, indulged with a slice of Napoleon, listened to steady rain outside, and watched customers’ smiles as they were thinking of love. Slowly but surely words of family, friends, inclusion, god, and even butterflies started to appear on the chalkboard paint.

    Our customers truly enjoyed the experience as it allowed them to visit their happy place of “what love is” and also pass by a quick minute as they waited for their order.

    We also took a short video of the whole process and posted it on our blog. Please take a look http://www.victoriabakerymarin.com/menu/tell-us-love-video/