Marketing Automation Success Story: Funtastic Dental Fixes Follow-up Failure

Based in sunny Long Beach, Calif., Funtastic Dental is not your ‘typical’ dental practice. The office looks more like a kids’ playground with its futuristic-like décor. Oversized dentist tools, a kids’ play area, a healthy candy store in the waiting room and the custom cartoon murals painted all over the office walls help Founder Dr. Stella turn a ‘not so enjoyable’ experience for kids (and parents) into something cool and fun.

It’s so unique that the Wall Street Journal even featured Funtastic Dental as part of a series that showcased the nation’s most unique small business office spaces.

funtastic dental Dr Stella and employee Marketing Automation Success Story: Funtastic Dental Fixes Follow up Failure

Funtastic Dental: Dr. Stella and an employee (Credit: Reid Yalom)

Dr. Stella has 25 years of pediatric dentistry experience. He’s an innovator in the dental industry because he’s using marketing automation to fix operational inefficiencies—as well as get and keep more patients. Let’s take a look at four types of marketing automation campaigns he’s doing to help convert leads and build customer loyalty.

Six Month Check-Up Campaign

Every time you go to the dentist they try and schedule your next appointment. A lot of people are resistant to this because they have no clue what their schedule will look like in six months. Often, patients say “I’ll call you to reschedule” or ”Call me in six months to schedule my next appointment.”

Six months later, the dentist calls you to reschedule. You’re busy so you don’t answer your phone or return their voice message. Then you never hear from them again. Before you know it the six months have come and gone and you forgot to get your teeth cleaned.  Sound familiar?

Before Infusionsoft, Funtastic Dental would send a one-off postcard to remind patients that they are due for their six-month appointment. This wasn’t an effective follow-up process and patients that didn’t come in would get lost in no-man’s land.

“Patients would forget to come in, then months later they’d make an appointment because they had developed a cavity and were in pain,” says Dr. Stella. “My patients are kids and I don’t ever want to see them in pain.”

Funtastic Dental is nailing this follow-up problem using Infusionsoft’s multi-channel marketing and automation capabilities to send targeted email and direct mail reminders.

funtastic dental hygienists shooting Marketing Automation Success Story: Funtastic Dental Fixes Follow up Failure

Funtastic Dental: Hygienists Having Fun! (Credit: Creative Color Photography)

“Once you get the six-month follow-up reminder sequence set up in Infusionsoft, you don’t have to think about it anymore,” explains Dr. Stella. “Patients are getting the emails, they’re getting the letters, and it’s set to run automatically five months from the time of their last appointment.”

Having consistent follow-up helps Funtastic Dental get more patients in the door and ultimately keeps the patients healthier because they aren’t missing important appointments.

Event Marketing Campaign

Funtastic Dental is designed for kids and so are the events they host. The dental practice hosts three events a year: a Christmas Party, a Jump Into Summer Party and a Halloween Party. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty and get referrals.

“We have email campaigns set up in Infusionsoft that remind our patients about our upcoming events,” says Dr. Stella. “It’s set up to remind them a month before and Infusionsoft tracks the RSVPs. If they don’t respond immediately, the system will automatically remind them twice more until they take action.”

Birthday Appreciation Campaign

Like any medical office, a patient’s birthday is standard information that’s collected upfront by the office staff. Funtastic Dental enters birth dates into Infusionsoft’s CRM feature and then adds all new patients to the ‘Happy Birthday’ follow-up sequence so they get a personal note from Dr. Stella and his team.

”It’s a very nice touch and it keeps us in front of them,” says Dr. Stella. “Infusionsoft alerts us that the patient’s birthday is coming up and we then know it’s time to send a ‘Happy Birthday’ card. We get ‘thank you notes’ of appreciation from many of our patients for remembering their birthdays!”

New Lead Campaign

funtastic dental front desk staff Marketing Automation Success Story: Funtastic Dental Fixes Follow up Failure

Funtastic Dental: Front Desk Staff (Credit: Creative Color Photography)

Nurturing and following up with new leads isn’t a common practice in the dental industry. Funtastic Dental is doing a great job at capturing and nurturing leads that come from its website. “We capture leads by offering free educational information like reports on how to avoid cavities,” explains Dr. Stella. “We also offer a subscription to our monthly newsletter and using Infusionsoft we track who is opening it and what links they are clicking on.”

Once they request more information on the website, Infusionsoft triggers a follow-up email sequence to nurture leads until they are ready to become patients. Infusionsoft’s task management feature alerts the staff that it’s time to follow up with a phone call if the lead hasn’t made an appointment after a week. “No leads are forgotten about,” says Dr. Stella. “Infusionsoft makes sure that we keep following up until they become a patient and most of them do.”

Infusionsoft is becoming adopted by marketing-savvy dentists like Dr. Stella who are looking to improve operational efficiency, attract and retain more patients. Are you a dentist or another kind of doctor with a good success story? I’d love to hear about it.

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