Danny Iny: #ICON14 Lifecycle Marketing Track Speaker Preview

Danny Iny Headshot

With ICON 2014 just around the corner (and we mean “just around,” it’s only 3 weeks away!) we want to take a little time to introduce you to some of the amazing speakers that will be enriching the experience. One thing that is so fun for us is when we can bring in a highly [...]

Alex Houg: #ICON14 Lifecycle Marketing Track Speaker Preview

alex houg

When ICON rolls around, we never cease to be amazed at how many smart, energetic and giving speakers join us to create a magical experience for small businesses. The passion we try to breed every day in the office explodes onto the scene every time a speaker takes the mic and this year it will [...]

5 Steps to Getting More Customers With Referrals

Get more referrals with a system.

Guest post by Rieva Lesonsky The small business marketing world is abuzz over the power of online rating and review sites like Yelp and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your business. But one of the smartest word-of-mouth tactics you can use to get new customers has nothing to [...]

Nurture Prospects: Using Cart Abandonment for Good

Adandoned carts just won't do.

We’ve all had that moment in the grocery store where we’ve placed something in our cart early on in the shopping trip, then by the end, we look at it, consider just how much we actually need or want that item, and either put it back or remove it from the cart and place it [...]

Qualifying Leads: Do Your New Customers Have Good Credit?

Qualifying leads and new customers can be helped by a credit check.

Guest post by Rieva Lesonsky   You’ve got a new client, and you’re so excited at the prospect of the additional revenues you can’t wait to get started. Not so fast! Before you extend credit to any new small business customer, you need to do a credit check to make sure the customer is likely [...]

Lifecycle Marketing Helps Small Businesses Scale


Underneath every product or service is a method to ascend visitors into loyal and active customers. Additionally, every customer has a lifetime and eventually they no longer provide value. Do you have a process that addresses the individual needs of customers throughout their lifetime with your business? The essence of Lifecycle Marketing is to define [...]