How to Delight Your Customers By Rocking Post-Sale Follow-Up

rock concert

If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, you know the drill. You get pumped up about who will take the stage, spend a few hours screaming, yelling and singing with delight, then you leave and there’s this oddly comforting ringing that hums in your ears, reminding you of the awesome music you just heard. […]

15 Must-Read Small Business Resources from June


Summer has officially arrived and with the heat often comes small business fluctuations. For some, business is booming beyond their control, but for others, the action has slowed to a crawl. Regardless of what happens to your business in the summer, now is the best time to leverage top resources to either boost your operations […]

How to Close a Sale When Competing with Big Brands

big and little

The war between small business and corporate giants is a familiar tale. Farmers Market vs. Walmart Local Boutique vs. The Gap Small Town Florist vs. 1-800-Flowers Every day there are small battles fought inside the mind of consumers. Will they buy something cheap or invest in something reliable? Will they shop local or ship from […]

5 PR Tools That Won’t Devour Your Time

pr tools to save time

There are few accomplishments in small business quite like the day you realize your marketing efforts are working. Your social media accounts are engaging. Your content strategy is connecting with customers. And, lo and behold, targeted leads are finding their way into your funnel. But settling is not what small business owners do. You know […]

Danny Iny: #ICON14 Lifecycle Marketing Track Speaker Preview

Danny Iny Headshot

With ICON 2014 just around the corner (and we mean “just around,” it’s only 3 weeks away!) we want to take a little time to introduce you to some of the amazing speakers that will be enriching the experience. One thing that is so fun for us is when we can bring in a highly […]