Infusionsoft Celebrates National Small Business Week with Customer Stories

Small business owners are a passionate tribe and enthusiastic storytellers. During April’s InfusionCon conference we asked customers, “What’s Your Story?” – and they were glad to tell us. So there’s no better way for all of us at Infusionsoft to celebrate National Small Business Week than by sharing videos that capture our customers’ special genius.

We’re kicking off this week’s series with Monte Leighton’s story. Monte is Sales Lead with Domino Plastics Manufacturing, Inc. in Bakersfield, Calif. While the company provides vinyl and plastic solutions to customers worldwide, that’s not what Monte sells.

“We take a client and we help them find a solution to their problem,” he says. “Sometimes we rescue people – ‘Oh you forgot to order this and that’ – so we can help respond and take care of it. It makes you feel good that you’ve made their day, and you’ve helped them out of a situation… You were able to land the product on their deck, and it’s exactly what they needed at the right time.”

“I tell people I’m not selling plastics; I’m making friends.”

Enjoy watching Monte share his passion for small business success through extraordinary customer service, and follow us all this week for more stories from innovative entrepreneurs.

ICON14: Small Business Conference