Heather Dopson’s Insights on Pinterest & Instagram

“The BIG Idea of the Week” video series continues. We’re chatting with entrepreneurs and personalities whose areas of expertise can help small businesses succeed. From helping you generate leads, to growing your online presence and becoming the go-to person in your industry, these experts will share their insights in our video interviews.

This week we had Heather Dopson, Social Media Expert at Infusionsoft, talk to us about best practices when using Pinterest and Instagram. These separate platforms offer a multitude of benefits to small business owners.

Let’s start with Pinterest. This very powerful tool can help you increase traffic to your blog or website because it reaches a lot of people. Dopson mentions the importance of having an account to fit your needs and explains the differences when it comes to Pinterest.

“There are two different kinds of accounts; a business account and a personal account and for your brand, you want to make sure you’re using a business account and you want to make sure you’re creating brand consistency. So your profile image, your Bio; all of those things need to match what’s on your website and on your blog,” says Dopson.

Dopson also mentions the importance in verifying your website on Pinterest so you have more credibility when people visit your page. And, if you’re like me, you may have used Pinterest to help when planning your wedding (guilty) but the truth is, you don’t have to be a wedding planner to benefit from using the site.

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Engaging in social media conversations can help generate leads.

“Now we’re really seeing it branch out for a lot of different small businesses, for example; a Gym or a personal trainer can use Pinterest to pin exercise ideas, before and after photos, nutritional ideas like a diet for the week or a diet for the month, so there are a lot of different ways you can use these pins and create more visibility for your brand,” says Dopson.

But what about Instagram? Well, this social media platform has about 90 million active users each month so it’s an amazing tool for small businesses.

“If you have a hard product it’s a fantastic tool for you! I know several jewelry makers that are using it to showcase their products and it’s a great tool for that but if you’re a business, like Infusionsoft, we really use it to show what’s going on inside of Infusionsoft. It’s like a sneak peek into our culture and we use it at events as well. It creates more buzz about your brand,” says Dopson.

You can also use Instagram to run contests and keep in touch with people. As far as Dopson can see, the site has a lot of potential.

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Generating leads by promoting your brand on platforms like Instagram.

“Since Facebook bought Instagram last year, I can really see Instagram going the direction of having paid ads and sponsor photos much like you see promoted posts and sponsored stories on Facebook,” says Dopson.

And we’ll have to check back with her in a few months to see if her prediction came true.

Your small business can grow at a rapid pace once you put strategies in place and, pretty soon the leads will be overflowing and your small business will be booming like never before. A good client relationship management system (CRM) like Infusionsoft can help you get organized, segment all your contacts and much more.

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