5 Small Business Email Marketing Campaign Tricks

Email marketing can be made easy with Infusionsoft.

Guest post by Willie Pena While new marketing trends tilt toward social media platforms, the tried-and-true email marketing campaign is still an effective tool for wooing clients and customers. Researchers predict email promotions can boost customer acquisition by 7 percent a year and increase sales. Email campaigns are almost as effective as organic searches for […]

Multi-Channel Marketing Tips from Jermaine Griggs

Multi channel marketing is crucial.

The 2011 Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer shared some insight from his experiences as owner of Hear & Play. With a casual tone and a super-packed presentation at PartnerCon 2013 on his successful marketing strategies, Mr. Griggs won over the audience easily. He spoke to the many benefits of automated marketing Expectation is everything Just because your […]

Create a Successful Pre Marketing Plan: Tips from The Big Drive Finalists

Find small business success with these tipsl

At Infusionsoft, we have a booming partner program.  In fact, partner sales account for about 40% of Infusionsoft’s total sales, which is why there are some great incentives for these sales. One of these incentives includes winning a new car and no, we haven’t turned into “The Price is Right.” This year we held the […]

5 Golden Rules For An Effective Sales Email


Guest post by Skip Miller   Think about how many e-mails end up in your inbox each morning, and how much of your day is spent hitting the “reply” or “trash” button. I am amazed at the number of sales people who are prospecting (or not) and using e-mails to try to get something started. […]

Darcy Juarez: No BS Direct Marketing That Gets Results

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Darcy Juarez, Big Ideas Track speaker at InfusionCon 2013, shared her insights on “No BS Direct Marketing That Gets Results” and we’ve pulled a few highlights from her presentation. Direct response marketing is getting people to come to you, which cuts your workload in half. As a small business, you probably have a pretty tight […]

Happy Independence Day!

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Happy 4th of July from the Big Ideas Blog!  We hope you enjoy celebrating the holiday with family and friends. We will be taking a long weekend, so we’ll see you Monday morning with a new, great post!  

Approaching Email Marketing in an Ethical Way

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Guest post by Valerie J. Wilson Ethos Do companies really practice ethics anymore? A quick perusing of the email marketing headlines has consumers more wary than ever before. It’s your job to earn back that trust. Sometimes it truly is a quandary, and here’s the known truth: We are all consumers and none of us, […]