Ten Reasons Social Media is Like Weight Loss

Big Ideas BlogGuest post by Kevin Mullett

It is not exactly a newsflash that there are businesses and individuals who would like to use creative marketing and improve their social media success. But you can’t very well do that if you are not willing to change your habits, put a bit of time into it, set some goals, and develop a strategy to reach them. Does that resemble any other beneficial activity many of us are less than enthusiastic about doing?

Big IdeaaThe truth is, while most of us know how to lose weight, gimmicky plans that promise instant and dramatic results are constantly being waived under our noses. Similarly, many businesses are being fed bad advice for developing social media marketing strategies and don’t know any better than to take that advice. But of course, like weight loss, just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you will follow through.

Here are 10 reasons why social media fails:

  1. We want the benefits of social media, but don’t really want to put in the effort required to receive them.
  2. We don’t want to set time aside or schedule for it. Instead, we choose to hold endless meetings in which we agree to “make it a priority,” but never actually take action.
  3. We waste time on half-baked “easy,” “secret,” “hidden,” and magical unicorn horn cream-based solutions that are neither magical, nor a solution.
  4. We listen to friends, neighbors, or the occasional complete stranger (who claims to be an “expert”) without considering what they’ve done for themselves may not work for us.
  5. We self-prescribe a social media marketing elixir based on an article we read on the interwebz. Well, not this article. You should listen to this one.
  6. We would rather spend our way to a solution, but we want the blue light special. “Shut up and take my money,” we say with unquestioning exuberance.
  7. We ask “Why haven’t I gone viral yet?” and “Why isn’t my cash register overflowing?” days after starting a social media campaign.
  8. We never step on the scale to see if what we are doing is working. Or worse, we use meaningless metrics that show activity, not results.
  9. We waste time trying to look good instead of focusing on what makes us healthier, which sucks us into a vanity-over-vitality follower and “likes” arms race with our competitors.
  10. We want to continue doing things exactly how we always have, with the staff or agency we’ve always had. Yet, we expect to see different results.

You see, just like weight loss, social media works best when you are a willing participant who sees the value–for yourself and/or your business–and is willing to treat it like a lifestyle change versus a task.

Wondering where to start? Sit a spell and let me tell you how Social Media Channels Are Like a Great Fishing Spot or add what you believe the eleventh social media failure is in comments below.


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A frequent speaker at  Cirrus ABS seminars and events for various businesses, Kevin Mullett draws upon a career that spans more than 20 years. In that time, he’s proven himself as an award-winning designer, Web developer, Internet marketer, and guest blogger. His role at Cirrus ABS is to help clients get the most out of social media activity, SEO, online reputation management, graphic design, and technology.

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  • DennisYu

    Kevin– I adore your food and weight loss analogies!
    So true– social media is full of self-proclaimed pundits peddling shortcuts.
    That’s why the Nike slogan of “Just Do It” is so powerful to getting results of any kind.

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