Twitter Tips with Gareth Everson

We’re continuing our video series “A Chat with Matt” where we talk to Matt Peterson, content training specialist at Infusionsoft, to share creative marketing ideas to help you and your business succeed.

This week Matt Peterson and I had a special guest all the way from the United Kingdom! Gareth Everson from 8 Success Drivers joined us to talk about Twitter and how he got started off the right way when using this social media platform.

Last week we talked about Social Media engagement and when improving your creative marketing tactics, it’s important to consider all the different ways we can leverage being social.

Creating social media accounts for your small business is simple, but keeping up with them effectively is tough.

Everson shares with us the different cycles of learning he went through before he found a solution.

  • Phase 1: How do we get started or how do we do something that we know we should be doing when it comes to social media?
  • Phase 2: Knowing you have to do more but still spending more time on it than the results show.
  • Phase 3: Realizing you may benefit from some help and finding tools to improve your processes.

“I started looking into applications that allowed you to automate certain things…start to relieve you of that searching aspect of  what content can you share to give you more time to free-up and start engaging with people who are engaging with your content,” says Everson.

Everson says that as an Infusionsoft certified consultant, he found tremendous value in utilizing tools that allowed him to automate processes like firing up RSS feeds from trustworthy blog sources to post on his Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

The lack of leads that many small business owners experience can be frustrating and by becoming more social you can reduce the hassles and make more connections that in the end will help you succeed.

Instead of spending three to four hours per day, Everson now spends five minutes engaging with his following and turning people into prospects.

Learn more about tools like GroSocial by Infusionsoft and join the conversation on Twitter @BigIdeasBlog  and @MattinAZ  and leave us your comments.

You can get learn more about Lifecycle Marketing on the Mike & Matt Customer Tour page.



About the Author

June Brockmeyer joined the Infusionsoft family in 2012 as a Brand Journalist and is now the Multimedia Content Strategist. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and has experience as a bilingual journalist and TV Weather Forecaster having worked in the TV news industry, radio and online media. She loves dogs, singing and enjoys a good spicy dish. Follow her on Twitter as @JBrocky1.

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