Social Media Engagement Basics

We’re continuing our video series “A Chat with Matt” where we talk to Matt Peterson, content training specialist at Infusionsoft, to share creative marketing ideas to help you and your business succeed.

This week Matt Peterson and I are talking about Social Media week, which is in February, but as you know: we’re making it Social Media Month! So, if you’re using social media sites to help promote and grow your business, awesome! We still have a few tips so you can be social for the right reasons.

Why Be Social?

  • To Serve your Customers

    Sharing educational content that will make you a pro at what you do can certainly help your business. The more people see you are an expert at your field, the better you’re exposure will be. Helping your customers out, or even non-customers, can be a great way to grow your presence in the community as well as help others succeed. On “A Chat with Matt” we try to do the same; engage with you -our viewers- to help you succeed as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

  • Engaging & Getting New Customers

    Try different ways to relate to your audience and allow them to become involved. Using contests on social media is a perfect way of letting your customers know that you appreciate them and if they win said contests, they can be your “Facebook Customer of the Week”.  Pictures and feedback are also greatly appreciated and social media can bring you more exposure than imagined so feel free to try new things.

Have a Strategy and Don’t Limit Your Channels

Social Media platforms are everywhere so start with the ones you feel most comfortable with like Facebook or Twitter (or both) but don’t be afraid to branch out and use YouTube, Blogs and other platforms to share your messaging.

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About the Author

June Brockmeyer joined the Infusionsoft family in 2012 as a Brand Journalist and is now the Multimedia Content Strategist. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and has experience as a bilingual journalist and TV Weather Forecaster having worked in the TV news industry, radio and online media. She loves dogs, singing and enjoys a good spicy dish. Follow her on Twitter as @JBrocky1.