Closing Sales With Hinge Marketing

Closing sales factors.

Good news. Your prospect has a problem. You’ve nurtured this particular lead carefully, educating the prospective client through various forms of content. You’ve even had some tentative conversations with a contact at the business. Now they need outside help, and they’re reaching out to several trusted service providers, including you. Sounds good, right? The story’s […]

The Perfect Sales Promotion Quick and Dirty

Craft the perfect sales promotion.

For a small business, it can be a challenge to identify the perfect sales promotion that will get your potential customers to purchase, or your current customers to spend more. A well-placed sales promotion can have a huge impact on your company’s revenue so make sure you’re hitting all the key points: Don’t try to […]

Become an Email Marketing Ninja

Be a marketing automation ninja.

Let’s start the week on a positive note with a small business success story! As small business owners, it’s easy to get lost in the pressures of our own businesses, right? We’re so committed to what we’re working on day after day, monitoring our own success, often getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks […]

Shoot Great Marketing Videos with your iPhone

Shooting great marketing videos with your iPhone.

BambooHR, (a Utah-based company that makes HR software) recently shared some valuable data about the impact of video: they’ve found that emails containing “video” in the subject line outperformed all other subject-line keywords. Plus, the emails containing video generate outsized clickthrough rates. Brenton comments: “I’ve seen video links outperform links to our most popular content […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Most Valuable Content

Protect content marketing assets.

Guest post by Rachel Rodgers Rachel Rodgers- Protect Your IP By now, we’ve all heard about the magic that is content marketing. I, personally, have seen businesses go from humble beginnings to massive empires on the back of creating content. Content marketing is how you build not only a business but also a raging (and […]

Should You Run Your Business From Home?

home office

By Rieva Lesonsky When Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer decreed an end to remote working for her employees it kicked up a firestorm. That’s yet another advantage of being a small business owner—you get to make the decisions. So whether you’re looking to cut costs, simplify your life or save time you’d otherwise spend commuting, running your […]