Boost Leads and Sales With Whiteboard Videos

Boost sales and get leads.

If you have you ever been to Disney World or any other amusement park, you’ve no doubt seen people lined up to have artists sketch funny portraits. And right behind them is the crowd of fellow park-goers who stay and watch the caricatures unfold right before their eyes for 10, 20, even 30 minutes. How […]

Work Life Balance Tips from the Trenches

work life balance

Guest post by Isabel Abbott  I am lucky to have and live a full and adventurous life, one which I love with all of me. This doesn’t mean I have everything, but I have chosen what I do give myself, and this makes it worth the struggles inherent in any life. I am a single […]

Marketing Automation Software Questions Answered

Automation software can help your small business.

Guest contribution, Q&A with Derek Singleton We recently came across new findings on marketing automation buyer trends from software research firm Software Advice, analyzing interactions with nearly 900 marketing automation buyers to find out what they’re looking for in a marketing automation solution. After noticing a significant portion of Software Advice’s sample was made up […]

Are you looking at the right numbers when cold calling?

cold call

By Skip Miller We are in a fortunate position as entrepreneurs and sales people. We get to control our income level to a greater degree than in most professions. The success in driving that income up, however, often hinges on a lot of cold calling. Cold calling is actually a numbers game. You may assume […]

2 Powerful Ways to Target New Customers with Facebook Ads

Targeted facebook ads help.

By Matt Broderick Facebook ads are as effective as you make them; if you want to connect with new potential customers for your small business, you can, but without the right attract strategy, you can also waste money reaching out to the wrong people. In this post, I’ll highlight two ways you can increase the […]

Setting up a Formula for Sales Success

A formula for sales success.

Guest post by Skip Miller Regarding sales, at what point do you consider yourself a success? What measures are you using? The sales quota makes sense – it is what you need to achieve to be successful. And then there is the lifestyle you want, and that is determined by your earnings goal. Those two […]